Open Period (OPEN)
The period that defines when the trading service is opened. London Stock Exchange Glossary

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I. open open 1 [ˈəʊpən ǁ ˈoʊ-] adjective [not before a noun]
1. COMMERCE if a shop, bank, restaurant etc is open, it is allowing customers to enter and is ready to serve them:

• The bank is open till 12.00 on Saturdays.

• The shop was open for business on every day of the year.

2. COMMERCE FINANCE if a financial market is open, buying and selling on it are possible:

• Among Asian and Pacific markets that were open, stocks overall had a mixed performance.

3. COMMERCE if a country is open to foreign products, they can be sold there without restrictions such as high import taxes:

• Many people think the country is far less open to foreign products than Europe or the US.

4. on the open market COMMERCE if something is sold on the open market, it is available for anyone to buy:

• The shares would be purchased on the open market or in privately negotiated transactions.

5. be open to offers COMMERCE to be ready to consider people's offers for something you are selling:

• The company said it was open to offers from potential buyers.

6. be open to discussion/​negotiation if something is open to discussion, you can discuss it and suggest changes:

• The number of board seats they will have, like all other terms of the proposal, is open to negotiation.

7. in open court LAW in a court of law where everything is public:

• I am giving this judgment in open court at the request of all parties.

  [m0] II. open open 2 verb
1. [intransitive] COMMERCE if a shop, office, financial market etc opens at a particular time, it starts business at that time:

• What time do the banks open?

• Oil prices softened $1 a barrel as European and Asian markets opened yesterday.

2. [intransitive, transitive] COMMERCE if a new business opens or is opened, someone starts it:

• She plans to open a chain of restaurants.

3. [intransitive] FINANCE if shares, bonds etc open at a particular price, they have that price when the financial market on which they are traded opens for business:

• Platinum opened lower following Japanese sales of platinum overnight.

4. open your markets COMMERCE if a country opens its markets to foreign goods, it allows them to be sold there, or it reduces restrictions on them:

• The US and Europe would open their markets in agriculture and textiles to developing nations by cutting quotas and subsidies.

5. open an account BANKING to start a new account at a financial institution, for example by putting money into it:

• Private clients are asked to produce an initial deposit of at least $10,000 to open an account.

open up phrasal verb
1. open something up [intransitive, transitive] COMMERCE if a new business opens up or is opened up, someone starts it:

• More than a dozen US law firms have opened up in the city.

2. [intransitive, transitive] open something up COMMERCE if a shop, business etc opens up or is opened up at a particular time, it starts business at that time
3. [intransitive, transitive] open something up COMMERCE if a country or market opens up, or someone opens it up, it becomes possible or easier to invest there or sell foreign goods there:

• Algeria opened up its big oil and natural gas industry to foreign investment.

• When China opened up, over-optimistic Americans were full of ideas of selling to one billion Chinese.

4. [intransitive] if a job opens up, it becomes available:

• When the U.S. attorney's job opened up, he applied.

  [m0] III. open open 3 noun [singular]
FINANCE the beginning of a trading session on a financial market:

• The dollar was quoted at 116.77 yen, down slightly from 118.80 yen at the open.

• US wheat prices might slip at the open of trading today.

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open UK US /ˈəʊpən/ adjective
COMMERCE if a shop, bank, office, etc. is open, its door are unlocked and it is doing business: »

Our offices are open from 9 to 5.


The club has a liquor license allowing it to remain open until 2 a.m.


The new airport terminal is now open for business.

STOCK MARKET if a financial market is open, investors can trade shares, bonds, etc. on it: »

For the purposes of this agreement, a business day is any day that the New York Stock Exchange is open for business.

willing to consider something: open to sth »

A spokesman for the organization said they were open to a deal at the right price.


open to offers/suggestions/negotiation

available to be used, considered, etc. : open to sth »

Membership is open to all local businesses.

leave the door/option/possibility open »

The appeals court left open the possibility that the computing giant could be forced to change its business practices.

not secret or hidden from members, the public, etc.: open about sth »

After the economic crisis, consumers expect banks to be more open and transparent about their lending policies.

allowing everyone to share their ideas and information: open debate/dialogue/discussion »

These are complicated questions, and we welcome an open discussion about them.


open communication

IT if a computer file, document, or program is open, it is ready to be used: »

Make sure the file you're copying to is open before you click 'Paste'.

Compare CLOSED(Cf. ↑closed)
keep your options open — Cf. keep your options open
open court — Cf. open court
open question — Cf. open question
have/keep an open mind — Cf. keep an open mind
open UK US /ˈəʊpən/ verb
[I or T] COMMERCE to start doing business and dealing with customers : »

We open daily from 11 to 6.

[I or T] COMMERCE to start a new business: »

The Chicago-based coffee chain has opened branches in every major city in the UK.

[I] STOCK MARKET if shares, bonds, etc. open at a particular price or rate, that is the amount they are worth when trading starts that day: »

Share prices on the London Stock Exchange opened lower today.

[T] to start something: open a conference/meeting/proceedings »

The Chief Executive opened the meeting with an announcement of big redundancies throughout the group.

open discussions/negotiations/talks »

The union had not yet decided when to open negotiations with management.

[T] IT if you open a computer file, document, or program you make it ready for you to start reading or working on: »

You can open the program from the menu or by double-clicking the icon.

Compare CLOSE (STH) DOWN(Cf. ↑close down)
open an account — Cf. open an account
open your borders/markets — Cf. open your markets
open doors for sb — Cf. open doors for sb
open the floodgates (to sb/sth) — Cf. open the floodgates to sth
open UK US /ˈəʊpən/ noun [S]
STOCK MARKET the time when a stock market begins trading: »

Bonds rose at the open after a cut in German interest rates.


Stocks fell heavily at the open of trading today.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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